AirG Chat – How to Access AirG Chat on Your Computer?

AirG Chat

AirG Chat room

AirG Chat is mobile chat service which available on international mobile cell phone carriers.

AirG Chat offers you wide variety of interactive chat rooms and interesting people to meet. Sluggish cell phone service can often disrupt AirG Chat members from experiencing AirG service to the fullest.

AirG membership is free, but requires access to mobile web service.

AirG/Air-G Chat also known as Virgin Vibe, Boost Hookt, Hookt, Mon Ami, Air Date, Amp’d Chat, MTV Loveline, TELUS Chat Central, Xtra Lounge, Café Chat, Phat Chat, Phat Lounge, Amp’d Lounge, Love Me Love Me Not, CoolTalk, Coolchat, 3 Lounge, HOT Talk, C-Lounge

How to access AirG Chat on your computer?

  • At first, AirG user need the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser on PC. But, if you don’t have it you can download Firefox on their web site for free.
  • Then download the XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 add-on for Firefox
  • Next, you download the Preferences menu item for Firefox, it will allow you to spoof your web browser as a mobile web browser for AirG-use.
  • Once Firefox browser and both add-ons are installed on your computer, launch Firefox browser to continue
  • Click “Prefs” on the Firefox menu bar along the top of browser window, then select “Spoof,” then the “KeepOut” radio button.
  • Finally, enter the AirG Chat web site address as follows:
  • AirG Chat site will appear as it would in your mobile browser. Users can then sign in and use the AirG site from their computer and chat as they would on their cell phones.

Or you can use the easiest way to access AirG on your computer :

If you use Firefox 3.6 and above, you cannot use AirG using the current computer settings.Users can, however, opt to use an online mobile website emulator, as Jacque, of Portland, Ore., pointed out, and enter the AirG Canada web site,, for access on any web browser.


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