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MXit is the free mobile instant messaging service that lets you communicate with your friends at a fraction of the cost of a regular text message.It supports more than 2000 different phone models and text and multimedia messaging is free.

To access our chat rooms you will need to purchase Moola (MXit currency) – the prompts via Tradepost will instruct you on how to purchase Moola with foreign currency.

MXit is instant messenger software allows you to connect with friends for free from anywhere in the world using your mobile or PC.

MXit interacts with many other online chat platforms such as Windows Live Messenger(WLM) and Google Talk(GTalk) so one simple download to your mobile phone will make sure that you are always in touch, even when you are away from your computer.

MXit offers access to other services such as chess, chatrooms, classifieds, friend finders, multiplayer games, weather and many others.

How to download MXit ?

1. On your mobile, go to your default browser.
2. Create a new bookmark:
1. Name MXit
2. Address: and save bookmark.
3. Select the MXit bookmark, and then select ‘go to’ or ‘open’.
4. You should be welcomed to the MXit wap portal.
5. Check that your mobile phone has been detected correctly.
5.1. If not detected, from the drop down list, select your phone manufacturer.
5.2. From the list, select your phone model.
6. Select your Country.
7. Select your Region.
8. Type in the code displayed in the image.
9. Select a version by clicking on normal or trusted.
10. Download and install MXit.
11. Click ‘Continue’ if a security warning appears.
12. Click continue after reading details.
13. Watch MXit download and be installed on your phone.
14. Exit your browser and disconnect your 3G / EDGE / GPRS connection.

Download MXit Instant Text Messenger


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