How to Make Facebook Chat Invisible Status?

First you must knew that there’s no “feature” on Facebook Chat Status what you call “Invisible Status”. go Offline and go On the internet is the only Status on your FB Chat that you can do. So, if you want to make Facebook Chat Invisible Status, it could be you want to make someone don’t know you are using Facebook chat when you still able to make a chat with others people / friends.

If that what you means by Invisible Status on FB Chat here are the solution for you:

  • Open the Chat Window of Facebook Chat and Click Friend Lists >> Create a new List >> Name it like this one Invisible Mode (or whatever you want)
  • Second Step: Drag and Drop the ID of FB that you don’t want he / she know that you’re on the internet.
  • Then, On the right of the name of List, Click to “go Offline”
  • Done! Now you’re in Invisible Status!

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