Make (Blue) Glasses Facebook Chat Emoticon

There are so many reason why you wear a glasses in your eyes: want to look cool, had a problem with your eyes, blind person, had a minus or plus eyes (myopic, cylindrical, etc), and others. But in behind your computer and while in chat condition such as in Facebook Chat, what the reason your wearing glasses? It look like you just want to look cool in your webcam or while you were using video call. How if your real “glasses” can be substitute with just an “emoticon” like this:

Yup, you can use (blue) glasses emoticon like that if you using Facebook Chat. Yes, the glasses is a part of Facebook Chat Emoticon. If you wanna make this emoticon just use one of this shortcut keys:

8-) 8) B-) B)

Just use one of them, all of them would turn into the same “blue glasses facebook chat emoticons” (see the top picture as example how to use it in FB Chat)


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