Make Sun (Black) Glasses Facebook Chat Emoticon

A minute ago, I wrote about how to make (Blue) Glasses Emoticon in FB Chat, but there is one more “glasses” that available in Facebook Chat Emoticons called as “Sun Glasses”. The difference between blue glasses and sun glasses in the lens that been used in the glass: the blue used blue lens and sun glasses used black lens. Because of this, the SUN GLASSES Emoticons frequently also called as “BLACK GLASSES FB Chat Emoticons’

How about the shortcut keys (keyboard keys) of this emoticon? Here are the shortcut keyboard keys of it:

8-| 8| B-| B|

As you can see above, there were 4 shortcut that available just for one emoticon (it has the same kind like in blue glasses emoticon). You can just use one of them to make it appears automatically in your Facebook Chat Window like this:

Btw, it seems that sun glasses look cooler than blue glasses. Sun glasses usually used when you are in the open field area like in beach or golf course.


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