Use Facade Facebook Status Emoticons Animation

Facade Facebook

Facade Facebook

I will give you a short tutorial on how to use Facade Facebook Status Emoticons Animation. Facade Facebook is an FB Application that would help you to create Emoticons inside your Status Message. Here the Steps that you should do to use Facade Application of Facebook.

Here are the steps that you must do:

  1. Go to Facade Application Page on Facebook (you have to login with your Facebook Account)
  2. Go To Application Facade Facebook

    Go To Application Facade Facebook

  3. Click / Press the “Go to Application Button” below the Facade Image Profile
  4. Wait a minute until the Application Loading and you’ll see a blank page
  5. On a Blank Page you’ll see a “Login” Button (blue color) at the right top corner of blank page Facade Application
  6. Click the “Blue Login Button” and the you’ll prompted with new Pop Up Windows
  7. Request for Permission Facade Facebook

    Request for Permission Facade Facebook

  8. If the Windows said that you must –Request for Permission– Allow the “Facade Application” click “Allow” (Sometime, steps 3 – 5 not needed and after you click Go to Application it would go to Request for Permission without see a blank page
  9. Wait the Application to load (it may take several seconds / minutes depending on the internet speed connection that you had)
  10. Facade Facebook

    Facade Facebook

  11. The Facade Facebook Ready to be Used!!

Remember Everytime you want to use Facebook Status Emoticon Animation, you need to go to the Application Page of Facade. Write the status that you want with the Facade Facebook Emoticons and the click “Share” button. Done


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